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Don't do anything!

I know it's hard to believe, but I am in bed and it is only four thirty in the afternoon. I have a hot Lavender filled boa strung around my neck and Missy beside me, snoozing her tiny head off. The pain killers I took about two hours ago have made me drowsy but I resist sleep. Hubby has gone to pick up the boys from school and so the house is dead quiet. In case you are wondering why I am in bed and knocking back pills like candy, let me say, that I had a small accident yesterday morning.

I got up early. Possibly six thirty or so because I worried that Lenny might have to go do his ''thing'' outside. Once I had a pot of coffee ready to bubble up on the stove, I put Lenny on his leash and as it was raining, I pulled on my wellington boots and we headed out. We rambled around for a bit, down to the fence and back and then up to a section of rockery where hubby had placed old railway sleepers to create a rustic border. I must have been half asleep still because without thinking I began to walk on the border and wham, my boots slid on the surface and I went flying down on my back into the shrubs and rocks. At first I lay there stunned and then cried out for help. Not a sign of life. I was practically crying as I struggled back into the house covered in wet leaves and bits of grass. I got some sympathy but as everyone was rushing to get ready to head off for the day, I assured them that I was fine,

- I must be made of lead, I laughed, I don't feel a thing.

Of course Mick the painter came then and I spent most of the day monitoring his progress or should I say lack of progress. By six o'clock last night I began to feel stiff and sore. By six am this morning I could barely raise my head up off the pillow and by noon I was sitting in the doctor's waiting room reading depressingly ancient magazines and wondering if I should casually mention that I know a good painter who might bring a little joy into the dull interior. 

Waiting rooms are so heavy. One young woman in impossibly high heels read a magazine intently like it was giving her all the answers. An elderly lady looked positively frozen with fright. A man came in and picked up National Geographic, took off his coat, folded it and settled himself down like he was at home in his living room. Nobody talks in waiting rooms, its all blank stares and tapping of toes and pictures of beautiful people crumbling into wrinkles on tattered pages.

Doc told me I have whiplash. Whiplash!

-Please tell me I don't have to wear one of those big ugly collars.

-We don't use those anymore, he laughed. They were only for insurance cases, you know people going to court and...........he trailed off.

-Well, I suppose I can't sue the dog, I said, maybe the wellington boot company?

Doc made me promise not to do anything, not to drive, not to vacuum, not to lift, not to bend, not to DO ANYTHING.  I begged him to put it in writing, he laughed again, what's up with this doc, I wondered. I mean his waiting room is full of serious individuals and he is Mr. Chirpy right down to his Burberry Scarf. I begged him to put his orders in writing because nobody will believe me when I say I am not to do anything because they saw me yesterday after the incident,  gliding around like a professional ice skater, tripping over Mick in the hallway, making a (if I say so myself) super duper lamb curry, going for a three mile hike in the bog. 

Just don't do anything, he repeated and wrote out a helluva perscription. I drove home slowly, I had a hard time looking left and right. I prayed that Mick would be gone when I got home and lo and behold he was. I must say, the hall looks magnificent, whatever the colour.

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Mares, hope your neck gets

Mares, hope your neck gets better soon! Maybe you should consider doing like Mick and throwing yourself on the floor for a stretch every one hour, after you get better...:-D

Seriously now, take some rest and let the men in your life look after you. You deserve it!

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Thanks Lu! I'm 'holding

Thanks Lu! I'm 'holding court'!!!

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hey m, don't mess with

hey m, don't mess with whiplash - it can turn into something scary if you don't take care of it. on the plus side - drugs always make walls look good.

hope you real heal quick - save them drugs for recreational use like they're intended. ; )

(kidding!) d

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Yikes, so that explains why

Yikes, so that explains why the walls look good! I am feeling mellow & psychedelic yellow right now...Whiplash is so much fun! m

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super duper lamb curry

That is dangerous. Please watch your step all time and take care of yourself. I heard the most accidents happen at home.

Something like that happened to me a few years ago on a moving walkway. I turned around and kept talking with friends. My feet hit the end of the walkway, and I fell down backward. I couldn't get up for five minutes or so. How embarrassing it was since the building is one of the most popular spots in Japan. Many people passed by me. But I happened to carry my backpack with my tough notebook in it. I think that saved me, but the pain lasted a week or so. Since then, I'm scare of moving walkways. I walk instead of using it. And the Tough Book was really tough although I'm not using it daily.

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I wish I had been wearing

I wish I had been wearing your backpack Keiko! I can't believe it but I dropped my coffee cup and it did not even chip. Thanks for caring. M

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Agree with David. . .don't

Agree with David. . .don't take it lightly, Mares. It is hard to lie around when you are used to being active, but a bit of time spent in bed now might prevent more grief later.

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Thanks Ellen for your

Thanks Ellen for your wishes. It is hard to lie around, I feel useless...it is amazing how much we take for granted until it is taken away!

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Do you need us to send you

Do you need us to send you any books to read to pass the time?

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Ah Ellen, you are such a

Ah Ellen, you are such a dolly. Thank you for the gesture. I am readiing Netherland by Joseph O'Neill at the moment, almost done and then I have Philip Roth's, Indignation, lined up on the conveyor belt. Hubby tells me I will love it. Wishes to a dear friend, Mares

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It is a muscle,tendon, soft

It is a muscle,tendon, soft tissue injury,some times can be very critical in grade four. I am not frightening you but see the Neurophysician if you develop symptoms like , numbness, tingling sensation in arm pit, heaviness of head, vertigo etc.
You know Mary I can not resist my habits of profession,alarming patients! wish you 'get well soon'.

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Thanks Doc! Will do.....but

Thanks Doc! Will do.....but hopefully I won't have to. Any hope a move to Ireland? You could set up practice in Galway!

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Enjoy the rest...

Sure sorry you had this accident that turned out so serious. But mind the doctor and don't do anything. Sleep. Read. Make up plots in your head. Sleep. Read. Enjoy the food your sweet husband carries to you!

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I will try Sue. You are a

I will try Sue. You are a sweetheart. Hubby is quite the house husband!

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Ugly collars? Talk about

Ugly collars? Talk about telepathy. I just have a post ready on that, but it's a dif issue except that we do 'crane' our necks in a similar fashion occasionally :)

You be good to yourself, and there is nothing quite like putting up your feet. The neck is already up...


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Amazing F! Looking forward

Amazing F! Looking forward to reading it. I am still in bed, well on bed and actually it is nice, like a holiday of sorts without the hassle of having to go anywhere!

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M, I was hoping I did not

M, I was hoping I did not sound unconcerned, but by now you know my 'style':)...I really hope you get well soon.


PS: Now after a few quick replies, I am off to watch my soaps!

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F-I was incredibly

F-I was incredibly hurt.......licking my wounds. ha ha. I can't imagine you watching soaps!

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Hope you're feeling better.

Hope you're feeling better. Even when you're in pain, you manage to make me laugh! The descriptions of the waiting room brought back bad memories, but I still chuckled; how I detest hospitals!

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Rebb thank you! Glad you got

Rebb thank you! Glad you got a bit of a laugh. My son was laughing at my efforts to walk around.......I must admit I laughed too but it sure hurt!

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HI Mary

I know you always end up by finding the theme of a good blog even if it is painfully and at your own expenses.
While wishing you a quick healing,I can’t help admiring this moving “action film sequence” followed by “a quiet another one” at the doctor’s.

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I try to keep up with the

I try to keep up with the pace, Hombre! Thanks, hope all is going frightfully well underneath that wonderful hat of yours! M

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Now you just go and hurt

Now you just go and hurt yourself when I'm not around! Gosh, Mary, I do hope you are feeling better. Are you? Enjoy the doing nothing thing, although I know that wears off after a couple of days. Hopefully you can squeeze some pity from your family members. Maybe they even did dishes and mopped the floors for you. Take care and let us know how you're doing.:)

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Dorraine! You are back,

Dorraine! You are back, welcome home! Doing nothing stinks, my nails look terrific! M BTW, did you gather some beautiful leis?

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Don't do anything, only writing...

write when your neck hurts,
while you heal dream,
bored of writing read,
lie down and relax
when you do nothing.

Brave girl, you will be fine in no time, passing phase. Shows you are still 18!
Send you a bouquet to get well soon!

By the way, the news wasn't a light one, though written in a light note.

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Another Sumathi special.

Another Sumathi special. Love the bouquet! Hugs, M (have a problem with still 18 though. I wish!)

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Mary, you'll be well soon.

Mary, you'll be well soon. But be cool and careful.

Relax with deep breathing and you'll feel lighter and happier.

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How come some one is not in

How come some one is not in circulation these days???

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Sumathi, I was on a binge

Sumathi, I was on a binge after you snubbed me; singing one sad Hindi song after the other, beginning with "Jab Dil Hi Toot Gaya, Ham Jeeke Kya Karenge". (When my heart itself is broken, what will I do by living), followed by "Teri Duniya Me Dil Laktha Nahin, Vapas Bulale Mujhe, Mujko Oh Malik Utale" (My heart doesn't feel like living in your world, Oh God, please lift me back), then "Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki, Na Jaane Tum Kab Aoge (The lovely night has passed away, I wonder when you'll come), next "Gham Utane Ke Liye Mai Tho Jiye Jaavunga" (I will live to wallow in my sorrow), then "Dil Jalata Hai To Jalane De" (If my heart is burning, let it go on burning), and "Oh Duniya Ke Rakhwale, Sun Dardh Bare Mere Naale" (Oh keeper of the world, listen to my pain-filled wails) ... and on and on ... Now that I've got back your attention, I've dumped the remains of the bottle into the sink.

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Keep up with the ole

Keep up with the ole singing-you might be heard from afar!

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Objection M'lord!

Objection M'lord! ( Judge nods, and I proceed) Thank you M'lord!

I have been accused of snubbing, by my  'sole and soul' admirer! Justice lies tattered in the streets of Redroom! I acknowldege  that justice is blind and cannot read what is written here but can hear all the old hindi numbers that lulls  me to sleep! He has sung so many  touching  numbers one after the other and tortured me emotionally !!!  ....lol!

May the Jury here  read and  pronounce their verdict. (winks big at the Jury hiding a  half smile, promising a drink later)

Besides, the broken bottle in the sink has blocked the drainage system. (point to be noted)

Thank you M'lord  (present my best smile to the Lord!)


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Oswald, my but you look so

Oswald, my but you look so handsome and no hat! I am trying to be cool but the dog is sick and we ran out of milk. Deep breathing might help but it hurts!

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Mary this is not fair, praising Oswald for being hat less!

The other day you were ready to borrow Hombre's hat....and he walked half the way across the meadow to lend you one. Now he is heart broken and is returning.

How very sad!!! ....lol...lol...lol.....hahahah!

ps....Mary don't laugh, you may chuckle though, twice daily.

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Hombre and I are good

Hombre and I are good friends, Sumathi. We're not going to fall for your trap. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Besides, Mary has a heart big enough for two.

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Now Os, I don't know what

Now Os, I don't know what the rules are in your ''neck'' of the woods but I am a married woman and hubby would be a tad dislocated if he were to find out about me running off with two, never mind, one hombre to a beauty salon in the wilds of Galway to get up to god knows what. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go do this stupid stretching exercises and dream about strange men arriving at the door in oversized hats in need of serious waxing!

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Mary, two is a company and

Mary, two is a company and three a crowd. Lucky that you are blessed with a choice!...lol all because of the accident...hehe! Hubby dear has some competition  to handle now! lol!

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Hombre did arrive offering

Hombre did arrive offering his marvellous hat but when he tried to take it off it was stuck to his head! He asked me for some shaving cream but as I prefer waxing I suggested the beauty salon. I gave him the address and he ran down the road, laughing hysterically. Sumathi, that is the last time I saw him! Should we be concerned?

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You can't believe what I found there in the beauty salon!I found the treasure of Sierra Madre !
Please join me but alone.Tell nobody,even Sumathi.Come on ,hurry up,you won't regret it!
I'll share it with you.So you can buy a new farm.
But remember:ALONE.

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Sierra Madre in County

Sierra Madre in County Galway! We have moving statues and talking tree stumps but this is a first. Can I not bring a friend? Ellen, Rebb, Sumathi, Sue, Farzana, Dorraine, Jennifer, Lynn, Kunzang, Jodi, et al....Relent Hombre you have no choice.

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Mary! Has dictionary Johnson

Mary! Has dictionary Johnson changed the meaning of the word " Alone" ~ "A company"! He must be squirming in his grave chair! Poor Johnson!


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What????   ALONE??? 

What????   ALONE???  ......... Hombre! you forget even walls have ears! btw I didn't hear anything! lol!

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Oh, Hombre, waxing??? You

Oh, Hombre, waxing??? You don´t know what you´re getting yourself into! :-D

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Luci, Man learns by

Luci, Man learns by experience! lol

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You all bring smiles to my

You all bring smiles to my face and loads of laughter. I would love to meet a talking tree stump! Mares, I think I can finally see your new lovely new picture. Before I could not see it but heard people comment and I didn't get it. Technology!

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Let me share a secret with you Rebb, we all have long legs here! Always one shorter than the other! Are you wondering how? ....lol....All are good at pulling legs!