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Coffee Morning

This morning I met my friend Liz for coffee at a cafe/bookstore called Tiki, last week it was called Insomnia, far more suitable name.  Tiki sounds like a cocktail or a curry.  Anyway the same people work there, very nice too as I get to custom order my coffee which is a macchiato in a small cup, not an expresso cup that's vital, next size up and with extra foamed milk, no sprinkles of cocoa.  It's a perfect combo and I wish I could come up with a name for it as it would save a lot of time when ordering!  Liz and I talk about everything and this morning we got around to covering our mutual and recent Mammogram experience to plans for Christmas to woodstoves versus gas fires and her banana bread recipe made from Spelt flour with pecans and maple syrup her great website is www.wholefoodmatters.com.  She was excited to hear about our upcoming trip to California to see my mother-in-law in Monterey.  She loves the United States and has been there a couple of times and is, herself, anticipating a house exchange with some people who live in Cape Cod or they live in New York and have a holiday home there, something like that.  We made plans to go out to dinner before we leave for California with her husband and my hubbie too. Anyway that was coffee in Tiki. At the store I bumped into a man with my shopping basket who became quite abusive and a little scary and kept asking me why I didn't say excuse me before I bumped into him and not after I bumped into him.  Honestly, this guy was angry.  I made a hasty retreat and hid in the  produce section while he prowled around the biscuit area. Yikes. Listened to Astral Weeks when I got home helped to relieve the tension.........on full volume, one of the best albums in the entire world.  Thank god for beauty and music and good friends and people who know what I'm talking about when I order my coffee!!!