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Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

In order to sate the adult chocolate loving population of this household, I decided to make a chocolate hazelnut tart for Easter. The most appealing element of this tart is that it can be made in advance and stored in the fridge until the next day. The base of the tart is simple, a blend of hazelnuts, dark muscovado sugar, butter and flour (rice flour can be used if you are looking for a gluten free alternative). A food processor comes in handy to whizz up the base in one or two minutes and it is then simply pressed into a tin (equpped with a loose base) and refrigerated. Meanwhile get on with the remaining ingredients which include very good dark chocolate, six egg yolks, lots of cream and again, sugar, fine and white. The chocolate melts to which the cream, almost heated to boiling is added and blended with a whisk. Then the yolks beaten with the sugar are addded to the chocolate until a nice glossy appearance is achieved. Pour this mix into the chilled base and bake in the oven for about forty minutes or so. The mix should have a slight wobble to it. Remove. Chill. Gently remove the base from the tin and place on cake stand. No chocolate egg will compare to this. Believe me.  Serve with a dollop of cream for a decadent, heart-stopping Easter or Valentine treat. You will be loved. Guaranteed!

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Mary, I think I better find


I think I better find another occasion to make this tart. It's too long until Valentine's Day or Easter rolls around again!



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I hear you Annette. H was

I hear you Annette. H was hinting at the possibility of  me making another one today. I screamed 'heart attack'  to which he replied ''at least I'll die  a happy man''! Shameful. mx

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Salivating as I read...

I must try it. It sounds heavenly.  The tough question - wonderful robust coffee to go with - or a rich red wine. Perhaps I'll try both.

Thank you,



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Both will go equally well

Both will go equally well with this terrific dessert Sharon. Skip dinner though!!! mx

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Mary, You make the chocolate

Mary, You make the chocolate hazelnut tart seem within my reach. I’m not usually one for chocolate desserts, but I do love a flourless chocolate sin cake that is served warm with strawberries and a delicate vanilla ice cream at a local restaurant. It is truly sinful! This tart sounds equally delicious with the hazelnut cutting the chocolate for my taste buds.


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I wonder if that cake is made

I wonder if that cake is made with ground almonds. I make one like that, very moist and totally decadent! Beetroot brownies should be amazing! I just planted some beets in the garden and if they survive the polar air promised for the weekend and eventually thrive I am certainly going to use them for brownies. No desserts tonight though but H is making Pasta al forno, time to return to reality in more ways than one. mx