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I'm just writing off the bat here comtemplating my week as Friday evening has dawned and the house is warm and brightly lit and the remains of a wonderful dinner waft into rooms and the fire is still lit and everyone is doing what they want to do and all our bellies are satisfied and surely love lurks in the corners of the house, in the elusive untouched cobweb and in the books on the shelves and in the dog who watches every move I make.  The week past; the thinking of people, the coming into my mind of people I had not seen  nor heard of in  a long time and suddenly the telephone rings and that person is at the other end of the line wanting to talk to me.  Then today in the park, thinking about someone I had not seen in months and there she is turning the corner into my path with her dogs.  We talked about ''The Power of Now'' and she said you don't ever meet anyone by chance.  I read about a website tonight on Redroom called Betty Confidential and feel it must be a joke.  Just from looking at it it sounds as if all women only think about is trying to find a date. God, how sad is that, I thought we had evolved!  How the week flew by, pictures coming back of my son coming home from Rugby with his knees all muddy and I thinking to myself he had grown at least a foot since morning time, my other son touching me on my arm before he left for college, before he went out into the world where anything could happen, putting a ring on my finger that belonged to my mother and then taking it off again, having the sense to look up at the sky and think that this is it, this is all you get, look up at the sky and thank god that you can look, that you can see, that you can think about the sky, the grey and the daunting and full of rain and then if you are lucky see a ray of light to the West before the darkness sets in and when all that is done, go to your bed and lay down your head and inhale and exhale the day, the life the hours, the minutes, the seconds and keep on breathing because that's all there is in the end.

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Do you laugh enough? Check out my blog today--"coed reaction..."

Mary P, your interesting blogs hint of possible predestination--a comfortable eerieness. I sense that you believe that everything in this world (in your life) is coming to pass just the way it is "supposed to."

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Yes Dennis I do believe in

Yes Dennis I do believe in fate and destiny.  What else is there really! And I do laugh too -  although I would never write comedy, I think that is a waste of time, often in Ireland the most popular theatre is either farce or comedy, very rarely anything deeper or meaningful.  Thanks for your comments, they are always appreciated. Mary P.