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Alright, this is it.  I can't do this anymore because nobody gives a hoot about Mary Wilkinson living on the edge of the bog in Ireland.  Nobody gives a hoot because we are all out there trying to be heard, to be noticed, to have someone say how great we are and it just dawned on me today as I mashed yet another pot of potatoes for the family meal that nobody cares about me in my apron in my kitchen in Ireland who just gave out stink to her dog because he was ripping  open a pillow to bits even though he is four years old, no one cares that she opened a bottle of wine, a decent Cote du Rhone, that she has so many wild and crazy thoughts about life, that her kids love her to bits, that she stood outside her back porch tonight and marvelled at the once again apricot coloured sky and the segment of a silvery moon appearing in the Southern sky.  No one gives a hoot and as soon as she (the aforementioned person) as soon as she realises that the better and good luck to all those wonderful writers out there with the wonderful insights and breathing techniques and magical potions and websites to beat the band, because, guess what, in the end it doesn't really matter.  Not one hoot.  

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why blog

I use blogging as more of a personal activity. I know that only a few (if any) people are going to see it, read it, or care. But that's not why I write blog articles.

It's more like a journal for me. However, unlike a paper journal, I have the chance that someone else might see it, enjoy it, comment on it, or even silently share my experience. It's my soapbox, my outlet, my notepad by the bed. I refer back to my own blog for perspective and insight, as the nature of our consciousness makes us our own most interesting critic.

How was the wine?

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Why blog?

Hi Roy,

Thanks for the comment and the clarification of the definition of Blogging!  I pretty much knew that to be the case but felt like a bit of a ROAR last night.  Back on track again.  As for the wine - it went down well, thought it was going to be cheeky but it turned out to be velvety smooth, with a hint of chocolate.....Mary  

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Mary Wilkinson on the edge of an Irish bog....

Admittedly, there is not time in the 24-hour day to read everyone's blogs.  But a particular someone will someday find one of your blogs and be grateful for what you say--just as the woman with a walker in L.A. was grateful that you would talk to her.Very likely, someone already has--perhaps more times than you can imagine.  Yes, we all want to be heard and to share our life's experiences, thoughts, and opinions.  We are all richer when we can understand others' lives.  I like that image of you mashing yet aother pot of potatoes for kids who love you.  Sorry about that four-year-old dog!  Hope someone helps you clean up those feathers--but it would not surprise me if those loving kids let you do it all by yourself.  Ha. Ha.  Just keep mashing potatoes, loving your kids and that onery dog, and sharing that apricot sky punctuated by a silvery moon.  Thanks for a "trip" to Ireland and a visit with another potato masher. 

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Potatoes and feathers!

Dear Sue,

Thank you for the words of wisdom. They are well noted. By the way the potatoes turned out to be delicious, a little cream does the trick every time! Slainte, Mary

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A Letter-Like Comment

Dear Mary,

I hope you will enjoy checking this,

http://www.redroom.com/blog/galliag/to-mary .

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Mary,    I love your blogs. 


   I love your blogs.  While I miss a few (obviously missed this one the first time around), I enjoy reading about your life on the bog.  And about your stinky dog, and your family, and your life in and out of the kitchen.  I have said it before, your posts are poignant and I hope someday to see you in print form. For what it is worth...nan

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Oh, Nan, my god, how on earth

Oh, Nan, my god, how on earth did you stumble on this one! I think it was my first and it is true I had never heard of a blog before. You are so kind to say the things you've said here - thank you. I suppose I could combine all the best blogs and come up with a book. It would be amazing, wouldn't it and something I have considered and then felt it to be unlikely. Now you've lit the wick again. mxx