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Avoiding stagnation

The chickens had been acting up. I couldn't figure it out. Each day I went out to collect the eggs only to find that the shells had been pecked and spread out over the straw. Much pondering ensued. Calcium deficiency was discussed with H. Crushed oyster shells might be a cure. But no, I thought in the middle of the night, they, the birds must be bored out of their tiny little heads. Bored with their environment, bored without new territory to explore. The run we built for them had lost its zest. They wanted something better. So the next morning I suggested we move the coop out of the confined run and onto the main lawn. I say lawn but really it is a large patch of grass, country grass, verging on the bog. We put the chickens into their small coop in their new neighbourhood. We decided that each night before sunset we would allow them to roam for at least one hour and that we would move the small coop around the lawn to ensure fresh grass. The result was dramatic and immediate. Eggs came intact, large and brown. The chickens appeared to smile at me, they screamed out, we love you Mary and  bowed to the smart operation with regard to their new lifestyle.

And I started to think about our own life  then. About how we always need to avoid stagnation. How our coop can become limited and devoid of inspiration. How we might pace around the fences we create to quickly become irritable and without direction. How we might peck at ourselves and those around us and I took the chicken scenario as a metaphor and a nudge to always keep moving our place, to never settle for less, to seek greener pastures  within our walls and not to become too smug, too content that it might cause a discord, or worse still, a discord that we might never notice, never even see it coming.

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Mary, I'm glad that your

Mary, I'm glad that your chickens are happy again or at least laying beautiful unpecked eggs, and they've also left you with a sound bit of wisdom to pass on. I agree that it’s important not to become smug or too content. It's a good challenge to keep these things in mind, while being happy with what we have and also being fine with seeking out 'greener pastures' like you’ve said. I like scenery changes and mini adventures whether physical, real, imagined, through books, or blogs.

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Nice to see you Rebb.

Nice to see you Rebb. Changing some of the scenery in the house at the moment, covered in paint and polyfilla! m

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Neat story, Mary

Inspiring. I have a list of things to do to improve our house. You've stirred me to take action. 

Great post. Cheers

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I seem to have become a

I seem to have become a DIY'er overnight Michael enforced by the austerity measures that have fallen upon this poor land. I must say though that  doing it all by yourself is somewhat satisfying, no more making cups of tea for the endless thirst  the decorator always seems to have and if a mistake is made it is all mine! Apart from that the house has a new energy, fresh paint is a great antidote to stagnation. Cheers, m

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I missed this post!

Then I saw the date.  I was in the hospital! I worked out at the gym, said goodbye to the ladies, and the next thing I remember I was in the ER with my daughter and son-in-law.  Still have no recollection of about 3 hours that day.  I missed the ambulance ride and the hunky EMTs.

When I was discharged the next day.  The first thing I did was plant some flowers I had purchased before the 27th.  The next thing I did was pick up the paint.

Amazing, no?

So happy the chickens are laying, and you seem to be quite content with your paint. Playing in the dirt and playing in the paint both seems to have destressing as well as inspirational qualities.


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Oh dear Sharon, I trust all

Oh dear Sharon, I trust all is well with you now. What a fright for you. I can't imagine how you must have felt and to think you missed the hunks! Glad you planted some flowers. A fitting symbol for recovery and thanks. Good health and joy to you dear friend and thank you for always checking in to read my rambling thoughts in Windsong. mx