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Auster's Shadow World

Great article in The Irish Times newspaper today on Paul Auster.  Apparently he is hoping for an Obama landslide.  It was gratifying to read, here are some snippets -

''To be away from New York during this economic collapse is extremely strange. It's a complete overhaul of the thinking on how to run capitalism.  We've had this propaganda from the American right for the last 40 years that government intervention is bad and suddenly, overnight, laissez-faire policies are done and governments are stepping in to save the free-market economy.  It's all so ironic, isn't it?

'I have two very big fears.  Number one, that there'll be more white people than one imagines who will not vote for Obama, simply because he's black, and the other thing is cheating.  Rigged voting machines, denying people the right to vote - all kinds of underhand things that are invisible to us.  I think he needs to have a landslide victory for neither of these problems to surface.''

''To me, the result of the 2000 election was an outrage.  The fact is, Gore won. He got more votes. He won in Florida and everybody knows it but through legal and political manoeuvrings the Republicans took it from him, and he let it happen.................''