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Are you who you say you are?

It appears that the internet is fast becoming a dirty word. Take the recent riots in London for example. Much of the blame goes to social networking sites like Twitter where users could provoke action and suggest areas of London  not yet manned by the police force and therefore  would provide a lucrative source of looting and further rioting. I watched the scenes on Sky News tonight and almost cried at the devastation I witnessed. Houses burned out. A woman whose childhood home had gone up in flames and her mother, seventy years of age, just escaping the furnace. It was heartbreaking.

My son suggested that we watch an interesting documentary the other night. It is called Catfish. It is all about social networking. This particular guy becomes Facebook friends with a woman who feigns to be what she is not. Her entire life is fictional and the film follows his developing relationship with her on line and by 'phone until he finally decides to surprise her by paying her an unexpected visit. I won't ruin it on you but suffice to say that the ending is both touching, poignant and off-putting to any social networking arena. A must see.

I mean to say for all you know I could be a man living in a dingy apartment with not a plant or a view of the sea for miles nearby. I could be lonely and miserable and dine on fast food seven days a week. I might have stubble on my chin. Who is to say that I am me?  Who would ever know?

I am not of course. Or if I am I have a terrific imagination and deserve an immediate job with a movie agency in Los Angeles, a house on the beach in Santa Monica and a daily massage, thank you very much. Seriously, social networking could be ruining our lives and our world and our integrity. Not just me. I am me. I am real. I think. But what about the bigger picture? The way things are going, god knows what is being planned out there, what weirdos our kids are talking to. I mean who is reading this right now? And if you are, are you who you say you are? 

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Truth...spoken well...and stranger than fiction.

I understand exactly what you mean, and am always amazed and dismayed at how many people are planning life decisions based on internet "unseen unheard" relationships. I missed the news about London. How sad; how pathetic; how inhuman.

As an aside, I am going to check out Catfish. It sounds most interesting. Have a good day!

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Hi Sharon, do see the

Hi Sharon, do see the documentary-it is quite engaging. Hope all is well with you! m

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I can understand your worry Marry. Net could be troublesome if one crosses the limit.One should draw a self implemented limit line.Teens and under aged are very prone to mislead and they should be warned that this is not a place to explore for enhancing one's personal life.

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Thanks Jitu. I love that

Thanks Jitu. I love that headpiece - the colour is fabulous! mars

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Worrrying about London...

Yes, I turned on the news tonight to see how things were going in London. Heart breaking. Scary. I remember 1970 campus riots at nearby SIUC when cars were rocked and Old Main was burned. Education was stopped, and students were cheated out of the end of the semester. Such destruction and damage to innocent people is so foolish. All that energy could be used to make lives better -- not worse.

I had not realized the Internet was being used by these London thugs to allow their vandalism and lawlessness to flourish. (Although I knew the Internet helped some of the revolutionaries in the Middle East.) The potential for good and evil with social networking is great. We best use it wisely--and cautiously.

If you are not you, Mary, I do still love your imaginative writing and are glad you are able to write fiction so well that I thought it was poetical non-fiction. And I hope people reading my blog realize that my non-fiction is only one small part of our lives. No one can share everything completely with others. Communication is always incomplete--even self communiucation.

You made us all want to see Catfish.


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Thanks Sue. I assure you

Thanks Sue. I assure you that I am me alright and that my writing is totally non-fiction. I like the ''no one can share everything completely with others''. There is something very touching about that, how we are all private souls when it comes down to it. Your comments are always stimulating. mx