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Sci Fi Eyes


My favorite science fiction story is The Coded Eyes.  Projected in the distant future the most popular distribution centers are the ones that provide eye transplants to the living from the deceased.  Consumers are drawn to this concept as blindness is defined in different categories. Marketing is based on a vast menu of vision choices. These are based on how the previous eye holder viewed life in hisor her personal world. Descriptions featured are rose colored, reality based, foresight, hindsight, legalistic, and other unlimited coded eyes that are offered to the buyer. The author introduces us to Aidan as the main character who takes full advantage of the money back or exchange guarantee if not fully satisfied. The reader is stepped through various changes in Aidan’s life as he experiments through trial and error of what is the best coded eye fit for him. As Aidan makes the perfect visual adjustment to meet his lifestyle, he becomes a donor. The author concludes that if the eyes are the window of the soul, and you plan to move on to the next dimension, you have to be a comfort coded visionary.