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Kafka - A Cereal Writer?

Kafka – A Cereal Writer???


Okay, I’ll admit it, Frank Kafka is angry with me. Soon after I received the message that the subject of this week’s blog was Kafka, I thought that we were blogging about cereal. Kashi and Kafka sound and are spelled a little similar, right? Lo and behold Frank Kafka appeared in my dream last night, and to say that he wasn’t happy is an understatement. He brought Rodney Dangerfield with him for support. “ Okay, Red Room writer,” he declared, “I didn’t get much respect when I was alive and now you go and mistake me for a cereal brand.” He went into great detail how his creativity was stunted by the lack of recognition that he received while he was alive and now even in the great beyond he was being summoned to defend his work. I apologized profusely and explained to him that my fate was very similar to his. Both of us felt that writing was our passion, but I, too, had to back burner many writing projects just to stay afloat with expenses and to stay legal. It appeared that I was forgiven when suddenly he went into a tirade about me not appreciating the many outlets that are available to today’s writers. He reminded me of one of his quotes >>> “ Association with human beings lures one into self-observation.”When I questioned his implication, he said that a writer should take the Red Room experience and learn and run with it. But when I moaned that I’m up there in years he said to remember what he said years ago, “Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” “Keep writing, living, and observing.”  And when I woke up I made a wish that this dream had been real!