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Enkindle the Great - Air to Fire

In my teen age years, my friends and I were the definition of paradox. We collectively marched to the beat of a different drummer. Our passion was quoting Gibran and analytical discussions on week-end retreats. We often debated what wild flower best described our nature personality. However, yearly we did carry over our serious intent and made sure our shoes were dyed to the exact color specifications of our prom dresses. Yes, we were the radical pioneers of the present day “drama queens.”

One day it happened, we were in the Poster Shop, and we had an epiphany moment. Hung on the wall, with a background woodsy campfire setting, in bold letters: Absence is to love, as air is to fire, it enkindles the great and diminishes the small…. Author Unknown. Over the years as my friends and I shared both happiness and heartache in our tales of romance, we held fast to this thought.

And now, dear RR members, I am tempted to Google Wikipedia with an evolved definition of enkindle.What do you think?     

                                Enkindle:  transitive verb 1.)    To set a fiery glow  2.)    Greatness in plot, character,

                                                                                 language, and development in a hand held devise.

                                                                  Enkindle away, RR members.

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Weird, the verbs we have these days, eh?

Oh, great; she googled me. Apparently she liked what she saw. Now I had no choice. I had to tweet her when I got home and beg her to unfriend me.


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You are so right, Ron!

But if that benefactor from China, Nigeria, or the U.N.Trust Fund that on occasion wants to endow me with unlimted funds via Email or FedEx>>>oh, if it were not merely verbiage but a gesture of true friendship! A Babe can only dream!

Have a great day!

Mary Walsh