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Death and Taxes

Death and taxes…

   Doom and Gloom…

Who can understand the Master Plan?

 Inevitable as it may be…

  To lie down in Green pastures …

The filing status that all will succumb.

 Exemptions will be considered…

  In life’s trial and error…

The refund is the reward of merit intended. 

Yes, heavenly bliss contradicts the sad face of death and taxes…

  So be it wise…

Make this your bedtime prayer…

     And if I die before I wake…   

        I pray the Lord my soul to take…TAX FREE

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Ha Ha

Hello Mary!!!

I loved this piece, I will remember it in my prayers tonight. It makes me want to find a wonderful green meadow on a warm summer's night and stargaze.

Hope you are well, God Bless

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Thank you,Charon!

You are so kind and encouraging with your comments.
I always read your inspiring and creative blogs in the Red Room.
Life is so funny because just the other day when I passed the Greek Yogurt I thought to myself I wonder how Charon is doing. And Voila there you are.Of course, I first admire your talent,but I have to admit your endorsement of Greek yogurt has me hooked now, too.
I am always looking forward to your posts.
Have a great Holiday!


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thank Mary

Happy Easter to you!!! Glad you tried the Greek yogurt it is good isn't it haha. Thanks for reading and your warm kind words. It really bolsters my confidence with such feedback. Thank you for thinking of me I am very blessed