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A Night to Remember

I woke in the night…I heard a whisper… “if you plan it they will come.” It was just as I had hoped. My real life version in party form of Field Of Dreams. Names and places were changed, but I was to be the hostess. I began the preparations. There were decorations to honor every Holiday to be celebrated, and I set up a latte bar and a palette of several food choices designed to please every guest.


I sat and waited for their arrival…looking out the window, I blinked and yes, it was true…through my backyard of evergreens…walking hand in hand were Sue and Gerald Glasco. Just as she had promised, Sue carried her Notebook and empowered by my wireless router, she shared the current news of her hometown happenings and pictures and postings of her family and friends.


A little later we heard my Grandson shout, “ this party is about to get started. Here comes Mara Buck and puppy. Hide the shoes in the closets or under the beds. This is a fun puppy!” The glint in Mara’s eyes gave me a sense of approval. She liked the display of art work hung on the walls. There are some prints of Klee but high priority was given to the Grand Kids creations.


Soon the arrival of Catherine Nagle and Husband brought smiles and endearing thoughts…comfort in their company sparked an atmosphere of joy. They radiated warmth, wisdom, and happiness.


At first no amount of coaxing could convince Ron Lavalette and his lovely Sandra  to give up their seats on the porch. As guests entered Ron gave deeply meaningful remarks that were related to life’s effectiveness and his humor gave all some “hubba hubba” moments.


It wasn’t my imagination when I saw a heavy mist glisten the windows and there was a distinct aroma of cinnamon in the air. Of course, it was Mary Wilkinson and “H ” Their special effects always accompany them from Ireland. And not only their words but their presence brought the imagery of creative contentment.


All of us reveled in conversation of the richness of our experiences in the Red Room when we heard a soft knock on the back door. It was Rebecca Hill and a male friend . She was glowing, and we gathered around her basking in the attention that she gave to each us individually. She didn’t disappoint as she told of her travels and everyday adventures. Rebecca helped herself to a latte and exclaimed, “ I think that I will skip the grasshopper today.” My Grandchildren doubled over with laughter.


Madeline Sharples and Husband  arrived, and they were a welcome sight. Their graciousness was apparent in exchanges with friends and acquaintances. My Granddaughter, Lainey, quickly latched onto Madeline. She was anxious to tell her about her good friend, Hila, who had traveled to her birthplace of Israel for the Hanukkah Holiday. Lainey, also, told Madeline how much she enjoyed the retelling of Madeline’s growing up Hanukkah traditions that her MomMom shared from her blog of last year. 



Soon bright head lights were seen approaching the driveway, and we shouted “hooray” as we saw Sharon Walling and her Husband enter the party. Glamour and extreme talent exudes from Sharon. We were all very anxious to hear updates of Sharon’s world and tales of her experiences in Uganda.


As the party progressed I found Stephen Evans closely examining my attempted creation of a Gingerbread house. He debated in a simple statement that perhaps foreclosure was the best option…and Laura Lise Baratz-Logsted offered the worthwhile tip that next time I should follow the directions.


Terry Spear begged me to find my binoculars. She said that she spotted what she thought was a gorgeous wolf in my backyard…and as we all could attest, this woman can write and recognize the nature of the role of a wolf in some very interesting story lines.   


My happiness unfolded as I witnessed this great gathering of writers. In fact I became overcome with confidence and with just slight embarrassment I locked some of my favorites in my family room. Sue Glasco(Down on the Farm), Madeline Sharples(Leaving theHall Light On), Nina Amir (How to Blog a Book), Kristen Tsetsi(Pretty Much True), and Sam Barry (Write That Book).I forced them to give me personally autographed copies of their books to share with family and friends. They were very cooperative. However, Sam Barry turned the tables on all of us. In exchange for his autograph we had to sign a “recall” petition in his forever attempt to become Mayor of San Francisco. We figured it was a small price to pay to rub shoulders with a first rate humorist.


Just like in the movies my family, friends, and neighbors were astonished that I was able to attract such a wide variety of talent to my home. So, I enlightened them with the tale of the origins of the wonderful process. Ivory, Gina, Huntington, and Jennifer were toasted with gratitude…the true force of the creative cyber dimension that they founded and constantly nourish. Although my young Grandchildren are not able to capture the complete meaning of being a Red Roomer, my Lainey is absolutely enchanted with the name  Ivory. Soon to be the name of her next doll. Also, Josh is willing to lend a hand  in the purchase of some Ebooks by Jennifer with his newly gifted Kindle.


Unfortunately I can’t name all the writers that have graced my home and have influenced the direction of my writing, but I can cordially invite them to be ever present in 2013. The written exposure of a shared journey in many genres  is the greatest benefit of being a Red Roomer. So, I think my party was a success. Only a few sent their regrets…Jennifer Barskdale Inclan, Harrison Solow, and Amy Tan….but maybe next year? ! ?. I will still keep their pictures on the mantel in anticipation of their attendance next year. My Daughters roll their eyes at this statement claiming that if  that should happen, I probably would make everyone genuflect at their entrance…yes, maybe I would. Lovely dreams are the gifts of a writer.

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Captivating, Dazzling, Shimmering, Illuminating!

"What makes a man rich is the number of people who come into his life and leave it changed." — Jeff Goins 

Dear Mary,

Your enchanted dream is wondrous! I read it over and over. It also is a dream of mine that I haven't the luminous words that you've captured to precision. You have brought a true richness to the Red Room. I am honored to be among fellowship with you and yours.

May 2013 bring us together to His time and known ways of wonder! 

Happy and Blessed New Year, Mary, and family! XO




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Thank you, Catherine!!

You are a blessing. I am looking forward to a special book signing in 2013. Imprinted Wisdom is on the top of my list.

I'll be writing you next year! Know that somewhere my Daughters are saying, does she have to say that every year?

Love to you and your family,

Mary aka Pat  

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Oh, Mary! This is simply

Oh, Mary! This is simply wonderful. Your creativity and thoughtfulness shined through at every turn and left me smiling--and I had a few chuckles too. : )

Happy New Year to you all!

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Thank you, Rebbecca!

Your kind comments and Catherine's helped me believe that maybe just maybe someday this dream will come true. I'm looking forward to enjoying your creativity in 2013.

Happy New Year!

Love to you and your loved ones,

Mary aka Pat 

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Wonderful, Delightful, Happy

Dear Mary,

What a wonderful story - all the sights, sounds, and smells in it. Truly a dream come true. And I'm so honored to have been included. You are a dear friend to remember me.

I hope you are having a wonderful new year and that you are still writing. If this piece is any example, you need to write on and on and on.

Much love,


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Thank you, Madeline!

Did I ever need your encouragement...rough few weeks transitioning to new management on the job. Knowing that Red Roomers like you, Mary, Catherine, and Rebbecca share  wonderful creativity in your blogs and kind comments to other writers...a lovely and wonderful escape.


Mary aka Pat


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Dear AKA,

So sorry to hear about your job. Hope all is transitioning well by now. And glad to see you back here.

Here's to more writing in 2013. 




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Dear Mary, This is a grand

Dear Mary,

This is a grand read - loved it! The evening was a stunner, wasn't it!!!

H and I will be back next year.


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Thank you, Mary!

You and H were sheer delightful guests...the richness of your conversation combined with my wonderful recollections of your  life  expressed in your blogs... a constant to us very fortunate and lucky Red Roomers...life is grand knowing Mary Wilkinson !!!

Thanks again,

Mary aka Pat 

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Thank you, Mary Walsh

Gerald and I so appreciated your inviting us to your party.  We had a lovely time.  Your guest list made for a delightful evening.  I hope we get together again soon.

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Certainly would be a dream come true!!!!

Dear Sue,

Yes, first and foremost you and Gerald really make life interesting! From the very beginning your creativity and life reports kept me coming back to Red Room. It would be a dream come true to meet both of you in person.

Thank you for coming to the party!

Happy New Year !

Mary aka Pat

ADD: I loved  your Christmas letter...the quote from the Bible touched so many peoples' hearts! Thanks !