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Superfans (excerpt from Women's Basketball Magazine)

"Coaches, commentators and players alike speak of team chemistry as an elusive and unquantifiable, (perhaps a spiritual) gift of winning teams.  They speak of senior leadership, of role players, of young talent, of seasoned coaches and inspired newbies.  Now I don’t know for sure, but I propose that one rarely considered, but vital element of team chemistry comes not from within a program but from without, from superfans.  Here’s my theory:  Optimism, and its twin, Hope, are essential, bracing chemicals, which supersfans, by their resilient presence, manufacture.  It is this rarified hope and optimism that lingers in silent gyms late at night, bolsters players through long, hot summer workouts, through the hellish purgatory of fall training, and remains through win and loss alike.  Team chemistry, then, is not merely an insular soup cooked up in locker rooms, served out on game days, but a more elusive and powerful concoction, seasoned by the investment of players, coaches and fans.  That women's basketball fans may be a little older, a little wiser and a lot more invested in the lives of players beyond court, cannot but impact play and help breed success in its various forms..."