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Moraga, CA
Christopher Jones
Jan 2009


Mary Volmer is the author of Crown of Dust  and the recipient a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to Wales (2001) as well as a Chester Aaron and an Agnes Butler Scholarship in Creative Writing.  She is the Founding Director of the Saint Mary's College (CA) Honors Program and is happily at work on her second novel.   

Mary was born and raised in Grass Valley, California and currently lives with her husband in the San Francisco Bay Area.


I am an unfaithful book lover, but often feel closest to early 20th century American authors such as Willa Cather and Wallace Stegner whose stories and characters are intimately affected by the landscape, and who were willing to embrace a kind of raw idealism rare in today's cynical age. Their language, expansive and bold, reflected a hopeful view of a world, which, though chaotic and often terrifying, could be ordered and understood through story. I'm also growing into a big fan of Dickens and, though she humbly denies the connection between them, of Sarah Waters. Dickens wrote contemporary stories about the nineteenth century, Waters writes fiction set in the nineteenth century, but both have an intimate and instinctual grasp of character and story, which combined with an open and generous insight, makes for some great reading.

Upcoming Works

I'm working on a novel set in a Mississippi River town ten years after the American Civil War...


US: BJ Robbins--BJ Robbins Literary Agency

UK: Victoria Hobbs-A.M. Heath

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I played basketball in college and remain a fan of all kinds of sports 

Musical Theater

Very strong coffee