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Social Networking - The Beginning
At once unsettling and compassionate, "As Long as He Heeds Me" is a psychological novel of faith, memory, love and the unyielding supremacy of time.
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Blogs, websites, forums, Twitter and other social networks are very helpful and popular these days. There are so many people on these different avenues of communication and sharing that it is staggering; however, that number is growing every day. As interesting and exciting as it is to see all these connections made and the growth of the Internet social networking is not a new idea.

Social networking is as old as the earth. One could argue that Adam and Eve began the first social network. Back in my day things were a little more complicated and called for a little more effort then simply logging onto the Internet. Actually, the first network we were exposed to was centered around the dinner table when we ate the evening meal or meeting with family and friends on the front porch. If we wanted to connect with someone a little further away we had to do a little more. Today we can start the computer and send an e-mail which can be read within minutes but back when I was younger we had to take the time to handwrite a letter and get the postman to deliver it. That could take weeks.

Imagine my excitement the day we had a telephone installed in the house. It was simply unbelievable to think that I could talk to a friend or family member that lived ten twenty miles away. In this day and age we can talk to them and also, with a camera, we can see them too. Now we meet in chat rooms or in forums when, not to long ago, we had to meet at the local dive or at someone's home.

Technology is great and I have met some wonderful people from across the globe but I don't think I will or would trade in the old school, as some would call it, ways to connect and share with those around me.