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Keeping My Chin UP!

It's been a long and rough week for me. Aside from having some medical things going on, I worked very hard getting one of my novel's final edits complete. You know, those times when you work from early in the day until late into the night. Tapping away at the keyboard until your eyes are blurry and you can't focus anymore...

It was like that! Unfortunately, when I went to electronically submit, they had reached the maximum 5000 entries and closed it. Hmm, I closed up the laptop, locked up the office and walked out into the fog and rain at 12:22am. 

Yesterday the other writing contest I entered sent out the emails listing the 20 finalist.....my name not there. 

I'm going to keep plugging and keep submitting, but today the Pep Talks help!

Keep Writing!  : )