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Mary Saracino's Books

The Singing of Swans takes Italian American protagonist Madelene Ross on a multi-century journey back and forth through time to reclaim her soul and her very contemporary American life. Along the way she encounters a 16th Century northern Italian healer who flies through rooftops, an 18th Century southern Italian herbalist who paints flaming images of Black Madonnas, an ancient...
Shortly after Saracino’s first novel, No Matter What, was published in 1993, she began to experience an inexplicable clenching of her vocal cords. Over a four-year period, she was increasingly unable to speak without great strain. In 1997 the mysterious problem was diagnosed as a rare voice disorder. This memoir is the compelling story of the author’s journey and her struggle to...
The sequel to No Matter What, this novel focuses on the explosive aftermath of protagonist Regina Giovanni’s mother’s decision to leave her husband and two sons and run off with her three daughters and her lover, a Catholic priest. Finding Grace is an unforgettable story of love, loss, grief, betrayal, and finally hope, as a family struggles to redefine itself and heal after being...
This novel, a 1994 Minnesota Book Award fiction finalist, tells the story of family love and betrayal in the haunting voice of its ten-year-old narrator, Regina Giovanni. As the oldest daughter in her working class Catholic family, Regina is her mother’s confidante. However, as her mother’s extramarital affair with a Catholic priest begins to destroy her family, her mother’s secret...