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Suburban Charlotte, NC
Apr 2008

The burning desire to write fiction begain around age seven, and I wrote some through school and college.  Finding my voice made the process more difficult, as my honest self and feelings had been muted for so long.  Conform, don't show anger, it's not ladylike to.....  I found that the process I had feared actually helped give me both voice and catharsis together. No news here, but I had to find it out for myself.

Though I prefer to write short fiction, I've published only a few non-fiction pieces. I'm getting back in to writing seriously now after time away from it.  I'd like to communicate with others about plot development.

Interests & Hobbies

Reading and writing, traveling, movies, computers, jogging, hiking, mountain treks, cooking and entertaining, enjoying the company of family and friends, laughter. Love NPR, jazz, classical and classic rock music. Have opinions on the state of our world, causes and effects.