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You've galloped on horseback, haven't you? Remember that sensation of horse muscle under you - the gathering strides as the trot dissolves into the flow of the gallop? Air loops through your hair; hoof rhythms define, it seems, your own heartbeat. Reading an excellent book is like galloping on horseback over open terrain.

I write because I crave that heady experience. I write to satisfy myself as a reader. Like galloping on horseback, I want to read on and on.

How would you describe the experience of cantering across the landscape of an excellent book? Jump on behind me by responding to this blog.

In coming posts, I'll share about the novel I've written, Kicks-Like-Fawn. Stay tuned. For now, I'd love to know how you describe your experience of a great read. And you don’t have to stick with the horse metaphor by any means!