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Sep 2011

Mary Mackey received a B.A. from Harvard and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from The University of Michigan. She is the author of six collections of poetry including "Breaking The Fever" (Marsh Hawk Press 2006) and "Sugar Zone" (Marsh Hawk Press 2011) and twelve novels including a bestselling novel about three generations of women involved in ballet ("A Grand Passion"), a trilogy set in Neolithic Europe ("The Year The Horses Came," "The Horses at the Gate," and "The Fires of Spring"), and her most recent novel, "The Widow's War." She is related through her father's family to Mark Twain.

Mackey’s poems have been praised by Wendell Berry, Jane Hirshfield, Dennis Nurkse, Ron Hansen, Dennis Schmitz, and Marge Piercy for their beauty, precision, originality, and extraordinary range. Four times Garrison Keillor has featured her poetry on his program The Writer’s Almanac. Mackey’s works have appeared on "The San Francisco Chronicle" and "The New York Times" Bestseller Lists, sold over a million and a half copies, and been translated into twelve foreign languages including Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Greek, and Finnish. A screenwriter as well as a novelist and poet, she has sold feature-length screenplays to Warner Brothers as well as to independent film companies. She is past president of the West Coast branch of PEN, a Fellow of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and Professor Emeritus of English at California State University, Sacramento. For the last twenty years she has been traveling to Brazil with her husband, Angus Wright, who writes about land reform and environmental issues. At present she is working on another novel and a new series of poems that combine Portuguese and English to evoke the lyrical space that lies at the conjunction of the two languages. In early 2012, all her work will be available in e-book format as well as in hard copy.

More information about her can be found at http://www.marymackey.com She is also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/marymackeywriter. Other resources for biographical information nclude:

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