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Technical Frustration, or, Why Me?

I've been trying to add my essay, "A New Wrinkle" to my articles page for two days, but let me stress, this is not Red Room's fault.

It's Word. Bane of my life. Every time I try to open it, I get a message that the file may be in use or not a perfect Word document??? Anybody got any ideas? (BTW, I have Word for Mac.)... 

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Mary Lynn

Can it be the fault of your browser? I have Word for Mac, too, but I needed to download the Mozilla Firefox browser. When I was using Safari, the original Mac browser, I was having trouble seeing Redroom drop down menus.


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Mary Lynn Archibald

Thanks for the feedback, Belle. BTW, you have a great website! But no, I am already using Firefox, so I think the problem is still with Word.

Best, ML

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It sounds like the document that you're trying to open was orignally created on a Windows PC and not a MAC.

If that's not true, my next guess would be that this document was created on a older version of MSWord than what you're now using.

At least those are first things that come to mind after reading your post.

 You may want to try dragging and dropping the document into MSWord. If that doesn't work you may need someone to come by and help you convert the file to the proper format.

Thomas Dotson, redroom.com

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Word problems

Mary Lynn Archibald

Thank you, faithful Thomas!

And sorry I missed you at BEA.

I'll try it, but it was just created on another Mac computer than the one I'm using. It does have an earlier version of Word. Good thinking. Unfortunately, the computer it was created on is in my other office, as I have fled to the coast again, to clear my head and try to make sense of the amazing feast that was BEA.

It's warm but windy here. Still, I can't complain.


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You've probably nailed it.

You've probably nailed it. When in doubt, save the file as an .rtf file. RTF is the most universal formatted text....readable by just about anything.