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A Big Thank You
Ruralpolitans, unite! (And love thy neighbor, not to mention cows). Read how we did it.
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Cows at the Senior Center? Moo!

Last Saturday, I had the honor and privilege of being the guest speaker at the Cloverdale Senior Center's Annual Literary Luncheon, in a small eponymous town in Northern California. I was speaking about the rural life chronicled in Accidental Cowgirl, about being a "ruralpolitan" before I knew what that meant.

They were a gracious and civilized group. That's because these seniors were trained to be gracious and civilized, unlike too many groups of younger people today.

They even made centerpieces from real grass and paper cows. With little pink udders, yet. Amazing!

Because of that wonderful reception (and because they laughed at my jokes), I plan to do something I've done rarely since the advent of e-mail, and that is, to write a thank-you note.

How long has it been since you wrote a thank-you note? Hmm?