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To Stephen Barber. 1972 and ongoing
Apr 2009

My first book was published in 1975 and there are now over 90. Visit my website www.maryhoffman.co.uk if you want to know more.

 I'm married with three grown-up daughters. One, Rhiannon Lassiter, is also a YA novelist; the other two also work in the arts - theatre and architecture.

 I've just started an industry blog - The Book Maven, which can be found at http://wwwbookmaven.blogspot.com


What a strange thing to begin with! I don't think I have "influences" as such, just writers I admire. These include Shakespeare - yes really. We live an hour away from Startford and go as often as we can. Also see performances in London and Bristol. The older I get, the more I get out of Shakespeare.

YA authors I admire are Diana Wynne Jones, Margaret Mahy, Terry Pratchett, Jan Mark - too many others to list.

I also like Margaret Attwood, Kate Atkinson, Ann Tyler - there must be some men, surely?

Upcoming Works

Troubadour (Bloomsbury 2009)
The Great Big Book of Families (Frances Lincoln 2010)
Stravaganza:City of Ships (Bloomsbury 2010)
David (Bloomsbury 2011)
Stravaganza: City of Swords (Bloomsbury 2012)


Patricia White

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Interests & Hobbies

Reading, Italy, early Italian art, swimming, cooking, blogging