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Mary Fremont Schoenecker's Books

Promise Keeper - Maine Shore Chronicles
  Theft of a valuable Monét painting leaves Cornerstone Gallery Director, Paul Fontaine, a gunshot victim. With his career threatened by the robbery, Paul recuperates from hip surgery at the home of his father, Jacques. Add to the scene Paul’s mental torment over a relationship with Suzanne Petrone, the art collector who loaned the missing painting to the gallery. Suzanne left...
MOONGLADE Maine Shore Chronicles
A contemporary tale of mayhem and mercy in tender relationships, MOONGLADE  Maine Shore Chronicles is a compelling romance suspense story.  It is 2007 and a vibrant sense of place continues in the mill towns and Maine shore villages of Finding Fiona, Maine Shore Chronicles. Clare Chamberlaine (CeCe) volunteers to learn to crew for Paul on the Fontaine's sailboat.  Clare's lessons...
Finding Fiona - Maine Shore Chronicles is a contemporary Romantic Suspense with a turn of the Century twist. Maddy Fontaine lands a teaching job in her home town, a typical mill town, filled with ethnic characters. She falls in love with a local artisan, cabinet maker, Patrick Donovan.  A hurricane sends Maddy back a hundred years in time.  A pre-destined trip, according to her...
Four Summers Waiting
 A Civil War epic that emerges as a love story. This debut novel describes a young woman's determination to help causes she believes in. Caught up in events of a nation at war, Maria Onderdonk strives to balance her love for Union surgeon, Henry Simms, with her father's opposition to the war.  Authentic diary excerpts and letters chronicle the struggles and hopes of two families in...