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Getting That Satisfaction

There is no mistaking the first five notes of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction (Can't Get No)" -- and at any high school or college dance from 1965 onward, those five notes immediately got everyone up on their feet and onto the dance floor. I was cheeky enough in 1965 to forge an "Ed Pazdur Teen Club" membership card (a friend belonged officially) and get into a special meeting/event with the Stones before their first concert in Chicago. I was fifteen, and when the five of them walked into the small room crammed with girls (and some boys), they looked so sophisticated, all dressed in black, tall, cool--like men to our teenage eyes. They sat at a table and we all filed by to get autographs, and I boldly told Keith Richard it was my birthday (it almost was) and he kissed me on the cheek! I lost the autographs but not the memory of that day I got my satisfaction.