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Ray Bradbury wrote “Something Wicked This Way Comes” as a short novel in 1962 – a dark and spooky follow-on to his summery “Dandelion Wine”. Like most sci-fi/fantasy, there’s little doubt about who are the good guys and the bad guys – names like Mr. Dark who leads the Pandemonium Carnival, and 12-...
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For anyone who reads and loves Henry James (as I do), the very title of this elegant mystery by Paula Cohen evokes contrasting emotions: gratified recognition (James’ novella “What Maisie Knew”) and skepticism (really, Jack the Ripper?). After my initial reaction of an inward ladylike snort, I...
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There is no mistaking the first five notes of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction (Can't Get No)" -- and at any high school or college dance from 1965 onward, those five notes immediately got everyone up on their feet and onto the dance floor. I was cheeky enough in 1965 to forge an "...
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