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One Life to Give: A Path to Finding Yourself by Helping Others
Published by Foreword Magazine
The author’s grandfather, Vladislav Paluchowski, makes a stunning sacrifice in order to help his family survive; he starves, so that his grandchildren might eat. This sacrifice...
WOMEN UP ON BLOCKS, Stories by Mary Akers
Published by Get Lit!
WOMEN UP ON BLOCKS--The title itself conjures a powerful image. Set aside the immediate mental flash of stirrups and invasive annual examination. Look at the cover art (good shoes...
WOMEN UP ON BLOCKS, Stories by Mary Akers
Published by The Short Review
The female protagonists in this collection are prisoners in multifarious ways: trapped by the weight of marriage to errant/insensitive men, the burden of childcare, an addiction...
WOMEN UP ON BLOCKS, Stories by Mary Akers
Published by Winston-Salem Journal
Women up on Blocks is a welcome change of pace from much of today's women's fiction. No syrupy sweetness or over-the-top sexy adventure here; just realistic women living realistic...

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WOMEN UP ON BLOCKS, Stories by Mary Akers
Mary Akers reviews
by mary-akers
http://katdenza.blogspot.com/2009/05/read-this-women-up-on-blocks-by-mar... What better way to kick off Dan Wickett's designated...