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I was born with the innate to let passion grab me, whirl me, take me and fling me to the winds. Music and boys were the passions of my young teen years and continued for many more. Once I had an instrument that could respond with a true and rich sound (stripped of its coats of hideous and...
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My perfect relationship would be to have hot, hot passionate sex with my partner, then go off and follow whatever creative  pursuits might engage us -- some together, some on our own. Then we would come back, look at what we have done or listen to it, discuss it, then more sex, because that kind...
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Sitting cross legged in the lunch time circle out in the playground, I briefly had the illusion of belonging to a group of girls who knew exactly who they were, where they were going and why. But of course, it was an illusion -- one of the many and one of the first I was to experience in my life....
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Isn't the last dance the one where the two strangers walk hand in hand through the doorway (which is heavily back lit, leaving our hero and heroine in silhouette). Still gazing into each other's eyes, enraptured, they dissolve into mist and memory... It's the morning after that might be more...
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For almost as long as I can remember, music has played a starring role in my life. When I was six years old, I was writing simple melodies on an old, dignified upright piano which one day appeared in our basement rec room. How and why it got there, I don't recall -- although I do remember watching...
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It was a scorching October, 2007, and the hills and mountains around where I live, in the High Desert in Southern California, were on fire. Literally. I could walk out into my front yard, gaze to the east and south and the mountains were burning like a woman with her hair in flames -- menacing...
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Okay. Now you can exhale. Here is the story about Clark. I might first mention that Clark was (and is) an illusion - including to himself. I suppose that was his charm and attraction. But maybe, just maybe, that will already set up a couple of red flags in your mind. Other than that, Clark was...
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I'm doing the online dating thing. There. Full confession (or will be...If I find I have the nerve). As an informal student of the human spirit and the different ticking of the man/woman psyche, I had been intrigued by this popular phenomena -- but from a distance. Then my friend K., noting that we...
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I had been thinking about starting a blog, a place where I could speak my mind, fling my arms wide, let my hair ruffle in the winds of time and life. What a gift to be given this haven among writers and lovers of the written word! So much has happened in my life and even my today is often much like...
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