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I Won Today
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The Plot Whisperer

I won! Just now. Seriously. Minutes ago. I saw the final terms of the contract. Today I win a national publisher. 

Follow your bliss. Not until I started teaching plot to writers did I completely understand the deeper meaning of those words. Not lead or trot alongside but follow. Passion is all about getting hooked and racing from behind to keep up.

Winning feels a bit that way, too. 

Today, I stop and breathe. Thanks to you, Red Room, and your weekly writing prompt. My local SF wonder to carry my first announcement - I feel like a winner again. The timing is too perfect to pass up.

The Plot Whisperer Fall 2011.  Adams Media. My agent, Jill Corcoran, makes magic happen.

Writers make magic happen everyday. Because of their generosity, my life on the fringes with my little red self-published book - Blockbuster Plots Pure & Simple has been sweet 

Now, I'm legit.  

My passion to help writers keep with their passion to write recently led me into the world of YouTube video teaching with Plot Series: How Do I Plot a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay? 

There goes my passion.


I'm off... 

Always the winner.