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2nd Annual International Plot Writing Month -- December 2009
Plot at the scene level and the overall story level for screenwriters, memoirists, and novelist.
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For those of you more literary minded, what we are doing during 2nd Annual International Plot Writing Month is not an attempt to establish literary rules and regulations. Far from it. Nor, do we want to rob writers of the riches of their minds and souls. Quite the opposite. 

In completing the first draft of a screenplay, memoir, or novel, writers likely encountered countless ambiguous and difficult elements, all of which, no doubt, spurred them yet closer to finding their true voice of creativity and expression. Yet, even within the catalyst for creative production that we all desire, some structure and guidelines often prove helpful.

Yes, the work during the 2nd Annual International Plot Writing Month can be seen as dry and analytical compared to the magical and mystical process of writing the first draft. However, processing a story through a writer's intellect and analyzing it wipes away befuddlement and leads to clarity of character goals and motivation which in turn helps to create convincing expression and emotion. 

The work we do here, like the plot workshops I teach, is divided between explanation and time for development of the three major plotlines for individual projects. For the sake of convenience, the explanation here gives independent consideration to the dramatic (action), emotional (character development), and thematic aspects of story, but keep in mind that all aspects of a successful writing project must become integrated into the total structure to create its unity, and that achieving this unity is the goal of every writer.