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Temporarily Disabled

I completely tumbled off my bicycle yesterday -- I had just had the tires pumped up by Michael, a guy in town who takes care of people's bicycles for free because he wants us to use them. So I'm on my first ride of the season, just breezing in and out of town instead of walking or driving. The weather was perfect and I was vastly happy because I had the whole day of freedom ahead of me, no appointments to keep, a rare bird.

I turned to visit Shellie, my jeweler friend who has just opened a new little shop right on the main drag. I had promised to take photos for her. Wham!  Down I went. The front tire didn't make it over the cement lip, flipping instead. Now I can hardly bend my right knee. But there is no way I am cancelling my reading gig at the KGB tonight in the city. 7pm! Hope to see you!