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Woodstock, NY
May 2010

I'm the author of the memoir The Guru Looked Good that covers my many years in the bowels of a well known "spiritual" organization, from what drew me in, to how it was to be there, backstage at the side of the guru, and how I found my way out. I blog my current writing at Experiments in Memoir, and am working on a second memoir that covers the years before The Guru. For the last ten years, together with my husband, the writer Fred Poole, I co-direct the Authentic Writing Workshops, a hard-hitting writing studio where people write the most important stories of their lives. We host the annual Memoir Festival at Omega Institute We're based in Woodstock, NY, make frequent forays into Manhattan, and have offered workshops across the country and abroad. 



Virginia Woolf. Charles Bukowsky. Fred Poole.

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Manhattan Girl -- working title, memoir


Jim Fitzgerald

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I read alot of memoir and graphic memoir. I like to see live music, dance, theater. I take alot of photographs, mostly of people. I love my dog and my three cats. And my husband most of all.