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Through the clouds bright sunlight shines

With a golden caress it skips

Through the fields and over the hills

Touching all with loving fingers


All along the river it plays

Melding its laughter with the song

Of the tinkling, cascading brook

They move as one through hill and dale


Sunlight and river dance along

Passing the graveyard where you lie

A prayer is said between the two

In hushed voices they praise your life


Honoring all you were and did

For country, home, family, and love

The fallen hero’s one and all

Brook and sun sing in memory.


The two continue on their way

Blessing those still with us today

Who quietly devote their lives

To keeping us all safe and free


In Memory of those who served and in honor of those still serving

Copyright © Marta Moran Bishop 2012

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Lovely, Marta.  Simply lovely

Lovely, Marta.  Simply lovely and so heartfelt. Thanks. xx