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This week we lost our dear sweet Smudge. She was the third of our Elder cats that we lost in the last year. Now I know many people think of their animals as their children as we do, while others consider them just an animal.

But it got me thinking on the importance of every life, be it human or a furbaby as our Smudgie was. Yes Death and Taxes are inevitable on some level. Even the wealthiest among us would like to avoid both and cannot.

Yet Death is a natural end to this life and even though none of us truly know what we will face on the other side of that wall, no matter our faith or beliefs. All of us know that taxes are there to be paid and know the consequences of what will face us if we do not do so.

So for all the fear of Death as it will surely come for us one day or take a dear loved one from us, it is not necessarily a yearly event to be faced.

Though as we age and our loved ones age we do have a tendency to be faced with it more often than in our earlier years.

Taxes on the other hand are with us not just in April or for some quarterly but something that is with us in all our decisions each year. Do I like the way my taxes are spent? Not necessarily, yet one must take the good with the bad and as my grandmother used to say “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.”

There are roads and bridges that need repair, gas lines, water and sewage that is in desperate need of repair and replacement.

Schools must be maintained and yes something must be done with the state of our medical system.

So while we can’t control Death it is inevitable we can control how we face it. We can help change how our taxes are spent by voting in midterm elections. We can do our research and find the candidate who believes in what is needed and yes knows when and how to compromise for the betterment of our nation.

We can mourn our loved ones and face our fears without flinching fairly safe in the knowledge that there is something after this life. As everything gets recycled eventually, each seed planted brings new life and we can live with all the joy possible each day. Remember the best in everything and enjoying the sunset and sunrise of the day.

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I am so sorry for your loss, but I loved this entry because of the outlook, the beauty of your reaction. I too believe that every living thing is recycled, in some way, back into the universe, so while we have what we have, we must enjoy it. It can be so easy to forget. Thanks for the reminder.

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A Jen thank you. From you this means so very much. The respect I have for you makes it mean all that much more.