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Kenneth E. Bishop
Sep 2010

I currently live on a small farm in MA with my husband Ken, four cats, and three horses. I two poetry books published: Wee Three: A Child's World and A Poet's Journey: Emotions and two novels. The Between Times, a social cautionary tale and my latest book is Dinky: The Nurse Mare's Foal.

We adopted Dinky when he was four months old, he had been taken away from his mother hours after his birth.

I am presently working on two other books and as always writing poetry. I write to keep my sanity and to touch people.


A.A.Milne, C.S. Lewis, Jane Austin, Emily Dickeson, Edgar A. Poe, The Bronte's

Upcoming Works

Wee Three: A Child's World, and A Poet's Journey: Emotions are my current poetry books. Dinky: The Nurse Mare's Foal and The Between Times are my current novels. I am working on the prequel's to both of my novels.

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Interests & Hobbies

Reading, writing, horseback riding, painting, gardening.