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The Power of Words

I'd like to begin my first Blog entry on redroom.com by first giving honor to God.  If you are an African American of a certain age and background, you'll recognize the tradition of beginning public addresses with the words "first giving honor to God."  It may seem quaint, but I appreciate the power of that phrase.  It speaks to who we are as a community of people and to our self-understanding as individuals.  There is grace in those few words.  There is an ordering of our priorities, there is humility, there is recognition of our universal connections, and there is a great sense of standing on the brink of something new, prepared to expose our ideas to others who respect us enough to  receive our words in a thoughtful manner.     

      Words matter, and it pleases me so much that  five simple words are a continuing cultural hallmark of the people and place from which I come.  More than this however, in all my future Blog postings, I hope that I can infuse the words, first giving honor to God,  with the deepest personal commitment as I write the things that I feel compelled to share.       

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...'taint quaint at all.  

...'taint quaint at all.   Most appreciated.  :)


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Giving Honor to God

True, those few words "  First I give Honor to God" do have a powerful meaning and affect on those…that truly speak them with a pureness of heart. While reading this statement, I could not help but to reminisce the past, when the Mothers of the church would recite those words before testifying of Gods Goodness. It seems as though in this day and time…this phase is rolling off the lips of many, as a proper form of speech before introducing or accepting whatever. Yes, times have changed, but the merit of that phase spoken with a pure heart, will grant one a blissful eternity.

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First Things First

This is a new phrase to me, and I like it. Thank you for sharing it.