where the writers are
the curled heavens of your lips

the curled heavens of your lips

if you were the road
and i a car how would i drive

my tyres my heart
ever running
and you with a firm grip
steer my soul

i speed and
you ask why where to
when you're spread out
from east to west
to places i've never reached

racing to encompass you
you tell me still
there's more to know
places to go
what of the skies above your heart

spread your wings all over me
i plead from road to sky
i'd have to fly
leave car on a road
not you

in flight i ascend
grow massive wings enlarge my heart
for greater speed all pistons firing
for this new journey
into unsearchable heights

wondering what lies west of me
your unfathomable treasures
there encased
awaiting release
to flood my arid soul

i swim in the air
fall down on the road
where skies stir your eagle eyes
and my car can race forever
on the curved heavens of your lips