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Review: "Believing Cedric" by Mark Lavorato (2011) Brindle & Glass Publishing
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Steven Buechler
The Library of the Found Inkwell

This was a novel that engrossed me for most of the weekend. Imagine if you had the ability to go back in time and relive certain moments in your life. You are able to issue warning and search for answers for the meanings in your life. But is this a real gift or is it some sort of psychological problem you are suffering from. That is the dilemma Mark Lavorato gave his main character in his novel  Believing Cedric.

Cedric Johnson is the person with this "condition."  He is a middle-aged divorced father who wasn't exactly the best of human beings at times. When he flashes back in time, he sometimes tries to warn people of his condition and wants answers to the dilemmas of his life. It isn't always clear how the time that Cedric is viewing is apparent to him, but eventually the reader gets the connection.

Some of the situations are puzzling to the narrative sometimes. but if one has patience to finish to the end of the book, one can figure out the reason why Cedric recalls that particular situation. Lavorato brings great descriptions to the details.

Mark Lavorato's Believing Cedric may jump back in time for the protagonist, but for any reader it is certainly not a waste of time in reading. I wholeheartedly wish I could go back to the weekend and read it again for the first time.