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The Persistence of Spirituality

This week started out with watching Oprah Winfrey interview the actress Roma Downey and her producer husband Mark Burnett about their separate work (she is best known as the angel Monica in “Touched By An Angel”) and their joint work in producing the television series “The Bible”.  Probably the most interesting point to come of their conversation was that with every decision Ms. Downey has to make she goes deep into prayer.  In prayer she hears the answers to whatever questions of problems she faces.  It is not often we hear people say this in ordinary life much less a famous actress in her Malibu mansion.

From that wonderful interview the week became a mass of dealing with the strangeness of humans.  If you have read my work, you are already aware that it is far easier for me—and far more normal—to deal with angels and demons.  Spirits are my life.  They make sense to me.  I see them the way other people see each other.  We have communicated all of my life.  Their language is the first language I know.

That is the language of the soul, the language of God.  The silent language, the unspoken, the interior speech is what I best know and understand.

The words of humans, their behaviors, their manners are often strange and disconcerting.  This was a week when again I found myself baffled by that strange behavior.  It is hardly a surprise that almost all other people find me as strange and eccentric as I find them.

All of that quickly turned around when I sat down to lunch today with five other mystics.  It was wonderful to sit with people from two to sixty who are all talking about God and spirits and angels.  Not so much the two year old.  Verbal skills are not yet her specialty.  She stuck with playing and macaroni.

There is an instant bond, a ferocious bond of love and protection that encompasses one when in the company of the truly good, the truly God centered.  There is a desire to cover each other with a warm blanket of loving protection.  Having two mothers at table, two strongly protective mothers, brought forth even more that knowledge of enveloping maternal protection.

A couple of weeks ago I made the wise guy remark to some people that I could hardly wait to meet the two children and crack them right open.  The truth is that children are more recently come from heaven and God than we adults.  They remember what we can only hope to see.  That ten year old boy and two year old girl cracked me like a nut.

The boy long ago learned that other children his age have been shut down.  They do not see spirits as he sees them.  He can see angels.  He can see a special protector angel given to him to help his guardian angel.  It surprised him that somebody else could see his guardian angel and his special angelic protector as well as he sees them.  His jaw dropped when I told him what his protector was doing as we talked and ate.  He said nobody had ever seen his protector before.

Things happen in the world of the Spirit.

The little girl also cracked me wide open.  She would look at me, but would not say anything.  She clearly did not want me close.  I told her mother and grandmother that the girl could see my guardian angel and the other angels around me.  It was obvious from the way she looked back and forth among us.  The angels were okay, but she wasn’t so sure about me.  Children mystics are not used seeing mystics outside of their home circle.  They may be used to relatives who are mystics and work with angels and God.  Strangers who have that same mystical glow really are stranger than non-mystics who have no glow.  Children become used to seeing the non-mystics at an early age.

We spent a few hours together.  My new buddy didn’t want to us to leave the restaurant.  He was concerned we’d never see each other again. We’d had a good time talking and playing together.  I assured him that we will.

Yes, little angel boy, we will.

Then I got down and looked in the little girl’s huge eyes.  We spoke to each other without words for a few minutes.  She had been upset for some time, but doesn’t have the language skills to tell her mother, brother and grandmother.  I told them what the girl told me that she sees.  She grew calmer when I told them.  She is very quiet, very calm and greatly blessed.  She is a blessing.

God is a thief. 

He is a very persistent thief.

He will always break in regardless how much we try to shut Him out.  God will always come to steal into our souls to fill us with love.  He will give a child thoughts she does not have words to say.  God will steal inside our lives to surround us with His love and protection.

Keep your heart open for the Thief.