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Surprising People

We humans are a constant source of surprise and amazement to ourselves and others.   Just at the moment others think they have us pegged into the square hole where they want us to be, we dare to be ourselves.

Did you ever hear “Don’t act like yourself”?  I heard that many times growing up and as an adult from the very people who thought they knew me the best.  If I had a penny for each time my parents and siblings told me to change my behavior, to act more like them, I would be a very rich man today.

All of us run off the beaten track at various times.  To some of us the world is completely alien.  We are surrounded by people who insist they cannot see angels and spirits.  They say they cannot speak with God.  It is supposed to be some sort of sin to speak with God.  Why?  If a murderer like Moses could speak with God, why not ordinary people?

God surprised the prophet Elijah.  Elijah ran afoul of the evil Queen Jezebel (no, not Bette Davis, the original Jezebel) when he called down fire from heaven.  He followed that up by putting hundreds of Jezebel’s pagan priests to the sword.  Jezebel was, as they said in the old days, wroth with fury.  Elijah took off for what today is known as Mt. Carmel to hide in a cave while the heat was on.  There he heard the voice of God in the whisper of the wind.

In the 1980’s some Benedictine monks took me to see the mystic and spiritual healer Eileen George work in an auditorium of several thousand people.  They knew both Mrs. George and the severe old Trappist monk who was her advisor.  I watched as Mrs. George renewed faith and hope in thousands of people hungry to know they were loved by their Creator and other people.  We met with Mrs. George for a few minutes after her work was done.  The other brothers were interested in what she might have to tell them about themselves.  I had no interest in having my personal life discussed in public.  As we were leaving Mrs. George looked at me and said “I will pray for you, Brother.”

What more is there?

There is no more surprisingly beautiful, marvelous, joyful gift in this world than to love people with prayer and kind hearts.  It is always exciting when somebody tells me things they see coming in my life, but they truly connect with my soul when they love me enough to surprise me with the gift of prayer.

Prayer is love offered freely.  It is the simplest of gifts to give.  Our angels are forever helping the overflowing cup of God’s love spread out across all of creation.  Beyond us and our cities and towns and farms, beyond our world and solar system and galaxy to our universe and all other universes the angels bless creation with the Gift.  The Word is Love.

The people who know me as a coworker, a longtime acquaintance or friend or simply as the guy they see pumping gas in his beat up old car are almost always surprised if they find out that I am a mystic.  It’s not like I pass out business cards that say mystic and exorcist.  Although it is a thought.

Nor have I spent my whole life working with an established religion and with tens of thousands of people like Mrs. George.  I have not challenge Israeli kings and their wives like Elijah.  The simplicity of the quiet life I desired was never mine, but I live with opportunity after reality after joy.

Surprise yourself.  Maybe not today, but think about it.  The time came for me when I was tired of not acting like myself.  When I came out of my lifetime of self-imposed exile from being my true self, I found how surprisingly happy I have become in being my true self.  Releasing myself from the negativity and the lies and desires of others had brought out the real me.  I don’t have to be everybody’s cup of tea.  I do have to live a true honest life of service to my Creator.

Be who you are supposed to be at this very moment in time.  Be love.  Spread simple moments of quiet contentment.  Live in the middle of the maelstrom spreading peace.  Our world is not used to peace and goodness on a daily basis.  Spread goodness.

You are the gift of surprise when you do.