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Stealing Life

The job of a mystic is to wait.  The pay stinks, the hours are eternal, the Boss is demanding and the rewards are out of this world.

While waiting, we play.  I mean, if you've got to wait, you might as well enjoy yourself.  Right?

There are little acts of sedition.  When I was a child there was no point in stealing the cookies.  I was the family baker.  I spent all of last weekend and this making stollen and Christmas cookies.  In that way things haven't changed a lot.  My childhood sedition--my acts of rebellion--aimed for the more subtle.  While everybody else went outside to play, I went up the back stairs to my room as quietly as possible to read, talk to the angels and avoid other kids.  It wasn't popular being a kid who could see spirits.  Since I'd been ordered not to talk about them, I talked to them.

If I wasn't allowed to talk about my friends in public, I'd sneak off and talk with them.

They taught me a lot.  For one thing, they helped guide me to books that would teach me more about them and the rest of the spirit world.  They taught me the difference between the real horror of evil and horror movies.  Horror movies became too silly and boring when I could look at somebody and see actual horror.

More importantly, the angels also taught me to see good.  Even the worst of people actually do have some good in them.  There is good in earthquakes, fires and floods.  It's not obvious at the time.  Much of it has to do with humans exercising our own free will.  We choose to live close to fault lines and high tides.  My home is a few miles from a major fault line and the ever disappearing Atlantic coast.  Don't hold onto what you think the American East Coast is supposed to look like.  New York and New Jersey can be protected using the methods of Northern Europe to protect the seacoasts.  Southern Virginia and the Carolina coasts have been disappearing for decades.

This is not the worst that could be.  It would be far worse if we spiritually chose to be under water.

With the Mayan era coming to a close, this is the perfect time for teens to rebel.  What is all this stuff about the end of the world?  Don't tell that to the Mayan Daykeepers of Mexico and Central America.  The world is no more going to end in December 2012 than it has every other day since time began. 

Judaism and Christianity have whole religious services that are performed every evening which talk about the end of the world.  The day is ending.  Night falls.  It is the end of the day, the end of the world as it was for just one day.  And then--AND THEN!--the prayers talk about the new world which will come in the middle of the night.  There will be a new day when dawn breaks upon the earth.  We will live in a whole new world.

It's all a cycle.

Go!  Pick up the Archeology magazine for November/December 2012.  Read about it online, in a library, at a bookstore.  Read!  Dare to have a different thought!

Rather than being afraid the world will end, I really want to read and hear how teenagers are going to make the world begin.

What are you going to do?  How are you going to make this the world I never want to leave?

When I was in my early thirties a friend let me rent his apartment in Boston.  Best apartment in the world.  I slept in the back bedroom overlooking the Fenway.  The ghost slept in the front bedroom overlooking the street.  Honest.  I could not get rid of him as much as I tried.

The guy was a bore.  Whine, moan, complain.  He's the kind of guy that if we'd gone out for Chinese, he would've wanted a burger.  Now I realize that the reason he was there was because he was my Teacher.  Capital T Teacher.  He had lived a full life and was there to Teach me the spiritual things I needed to know to live the life I have today.  I am somebody else's Teacher.  He will never meet me in this life.  He may see me, but he will not See who I am.  He will never know that, just like it was my Teacher's job to spiritually care for me and protect me, that's my job with him.

The ghost was not a bore.  He was no ordinary ghost, either.  He was a spirit Teacher sent especially for me.

I want to see all of the miracles kids are going to do the day after today just like they have done every day before.  I want to be in a city or town in another part of America and find a Little Free Library (http://onwisconsin.uwalumni.com/features/its-a-mailbox-its-a-bird-house-...) on a street and read the amazing things I would never think to do.

Be rebellious.

Be seditious.

Dare to do something different, something so radical inside yourself that you make me a better person.