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Gambling on Miracles


Every day we gamble on miracles.  Each time we take a breath, drink some water or eat a bit of food, we are gambling that this new thing coming into our bodies will keep us alive.  We are betting that the miracle of life will continue.

Our ancestors were huge gamblers.  They believed that there was life beyond what they knew.  They took the risks of giving up their own towns and countries, families and friends for the new and different lands of the Americas.  According to the best guesses of anthropologists, humanity has spent millennia gambling that there will be better lands to hunt and fish and gather beyond the existing bounds.

We demonstrate our own willingness to risk in our daily lives.  We drive our cars to work believing that we will arrive safely and return home safely.  We take a bus or subway across town with the faith that our driver will get us to our destination safely.  We trust in miracles.  We believe in what is beyond our actual knowledge and comprehension.

We believe.  We have faith.  How often do we tell somebody that we hope to see them at the appointed time and place?

How often do we realize that we are listening to other’s voices?  We hear voices that are not human and do not even realize we hear them.

Yesterday I had the honor of meeting a Catholic sister at a friend’s home.  Sister asked what I do and I told her that I see angels.  I rarely go out to public events such as the brunch we attended because the rooms are so full of angels and people.  It is claustrophobic for me.  The angels gave us the pleasure of speaking with each other for a long time.  Other friends and acquaintances came along to be included in our conversation.

We had the gift of being given someone new to know and enjoy.  We had the miracle of listening and learning the other’s experiences of life.  We were granted newness of life.

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany.  We celebrate three mortals who looked into the sky and studied the stars.  Those magi, those wise men, heard the call of the angel voices and followed them.  The magi left behind their kingdoms and wealth for a different kind of wealth.  They gained the riches of new lands, new people, new places.  They saw what they had never expected to see in their lives.

The magi gambled.  They gambled that a fearful, power hungry king would not have them murdered in some far off and rebellious corner of the Roman Empire.  They gambled upon their safe return home.

Gamble on a miracle.  You have no idea what new lands you will enter.