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Choosing a Road

In response to the question which road should I chose the answer is simple.  Who knows?

This morning I read a poster that said No matter how far you go down the wrong road, you can always change and go the other way.  Since hearing last week about the friend who happily died working in his garden I have been told of two other men I knew who committed suicide.

We have an interesting way of looking at their deaths.  Societal norms are that the man who died of a heart attack died a just death.  We are told that the two others who chose to die died unjust deaths.  According to my Catholic upbringing they committed the gravest of all possible sins.  They gave up hope in God and in life.  Before we go too far down that path it is wise to hold in mind that one of those men was a Catholic priest who took an overdose of pills.  He was found dead in his church Sunday morning.

It’s pretty hard to change our path when we are dead.  That is the very human theory.  It may be a nice idea, but who says it is the last worth in Truth?

Dying and death change everything.  The liberation from the weight of this life, the heaviness of living in an ever darkening world disappears with death.  We are no longer constricted by whatever may have been with us through life.  No matter how we die we have the choice as we go through the Tunnel of Light to choose God.

That is why the angels are with us to guide our souls.  Angels are with us all of our lives.  Most people claim not to see them.  They have lost sight that their invisible friend from childhood was an angel, a spirit sent to guide us through our lives.

Life becomes difficult and complex even as children.  In recent decades we have heard more than ever about depression and suicide among children from grade school through high school.  I rarely come across their souls wandering this earth looking for a place to rest.  Most of the time any child who dies whether of illness or suddenly, recognizes the power of the Tunnel.  They have so recently come from Home that they are eager to return.  More eager than we adults who have mostly forgotten what Home was and how to get there.

I think of the Tunnel of Light as choosing the right road.  No matter what, we are choosing the right road when we let angels lead us Home.

Suicide threatens our sense of order and right living.  It was quite a surprise to hear that my priest friend was dead.  We used to go out to eat, go to concerts and just generally enjoy life with friends.  As intense a personality as I was back when we met, he was a very calming influence.  He was a man who loved life, loved a good laugh and a good book.  He was one of those people I just never thought would die.

We all have many opportunities each day to choose which path, which road we shall follow.  I prefer mine to lead to the chocolate or cookie supply in the kitchen cupboard.  Part of learning about choosing which path to walk is learning to tread lightly.  It is well to be able to laugh at oneself.

You and I have so many chances daily to give ourselves and others a moment of happiness.  The more I have lived listening to the angels, the lighter I try to choose to step.  Part of my work involves dealing with the Dark Side.  It is all the more reason to choose to live lightly.

Whatever you decide, know that at any time you find yourself on what feels like the wrong path, you can always turn it around.  You can always choose a happy road.