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Bye the Bye

A few minutes ago I was chatting on the phone with my best friend welcoming him home from his latest trip to the UK.  Edinburgh is all torn up.  York is attempting to rise above this year’s high tides and pelting rains.  Railroad tracks everywhere are torn up.  Parts of London are much improved as is the economy and oh, speaking of that, the value of the British pound went up ten cents against the American dollar in the last three week.

That last bit was rather dismaying as it inhibited his tight wadded capacity to seemingly come back from any money spending excursion with more in his wallet than when he left.  Oh, yes, and the lottery was not in his favor either.

As we are both personally mystical in our spiritual beliefs and great lovers of Christian history and its multi-leveled vagaries, we spent much time discussing the various churches he visited.  He loves York Minster and is rather glad St. Giles in Edinburgh is no longer Catholic.  It was stripped bare by the Reformation.  Besides, old buildings are drafty and expensive to heat and illuminate.  Let Scots’ taxes cover that building.

What we did not discuss much and what greatly interests me are the ghosts and spirits of Scotland.  He said there was a very oppressive feel to Scotland.  Hardly a surprise.  If you want to find a country overrun time and time again, point there on your map.  Norwegians, Swedes, Germans, Poles, Celts, Picts, Romans and Normans have invaded the land for millennia.  All the great naval and warrior peoples found their way to do battle, kill locals and die their own violent deaths on the moors and mountains of that cold and beautiful land.

An Irish friend who lived in Edinburgh told me told me it has some great ghost tours.  Apparently they go to some very scary and very haunted places.  Pretty much the sort of place I’m very often at home and busy sending spirits Home.

My friend did find haunts just walking down streets.  His cats’ spirits managed to find their ways across the ocean and among the cities where he travelled.  They also became demandingly loud when feeling neglected.  Much like our dogs and his cats have always done.

Talking with him about spirits made clear again the difference between conversing with people who have some of my experiences.  He knows viscerally what it is like to see and speak with spirits.  He has from childhood.  He is one of the few people not afraid that I will be killed or damned while performing an exorcism.  My friend is also one of the few who comes to mind for asking me to perform exorcisms more than once.  Spiritual directors have privileges.

Having a spirit seeing friend who is also a spiritual guide is an almost unspeakably huge gift.  I have had to deal with the nonsense of others who tried to tell me I cannot see angels.  It is impossible for me to see and speak with God.  It is freeing not to have to hit that switch in my head that turns off the silliness coming from their mouths.

Today in Rome der Panzer Papa created seven more saints for the Catholic Church.  These men and women, now officially recognized for the good works they did for others, have designated memorial days and places are named for them.  Sometimes it comes as a surprise when a Kateri Tekakwitha is finally recognized for her plain and simple goodness.  Growing up in an area passed by the French Jesuits on their way from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, I grew up believing Kateri always was a saint.  Just as Fr. Damien and Mother Marianne were always saints for their hospital work with Hawaiian lepers.  Now they tell us these people are saints!

There are other saints who were able to see and speak with angels and spirits during their lives.  The children at Fatima, San Juan Diego outside Mexico City and others.  Our world has chosen to fear and disbelieve those who see what physical eyes supposedly cannot see.

But we can.  We can all see the good of the Kateri’s, the Marianne’s, the Dorothy Day’s and unnamed others.  We can see spiritual good in action as plainly as we can see ten thousand forms of evil in action.  When we see another human, we can see good and evil.  We can see the spirit that comes out of them.  The spirit we choose to project whether for good or evil.

Last week The Voice told me to prepare.  He is putting me to work this week.  Good for me that I have lots of friends around.  My best friend, other friends and spiritual warriors, other lovers of the Creator.  I have the right to call on the Damien’s and the Kateri’s, San Juan and Mother Marianne.  We have all the right to call upon Good for good.

Someday I would like to go to the United Kingdom, to Ireland and all around Europe.  I should very much like to meet up with other souls as I have met them around America.  I want to go on my own ghost tours.