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Another Day for Paradise

            Almost as soon as I started a spiritual counseling session the other day the young woman who sees me said that there were some strange things going on in the building where she works.  The building is an old Charleston house with a large porch and a history of unhappy ghosts.  Before she moved into it a year ago she asked me to visit to see what I thought.  As we were walking up to the house black smoke, screams and curses started coming from the upper floor while we were still half a block away.

            I knew what I thought.

            She took me on a tour of the house while telling me about the problems of previous tenants over the last several years.  It wasn’t just the usual bump in the night stuff.  It was out right malevolent.  After the grand tour I sent her out of the house and property.  I told her that no matter what noises she heard, she was not to enter or even step onto the property.  I knew then but did not tell her for several months that it was not just a furious female ghost as others had told her, but there were also demons.  If there were just one outraged ghost life would be simplicity and I could perform a simple spirit sending.  Dealing with demons meant performing an exorcism. (Both spirit sendings and exorcisms are described in more detail in my book Reach For The Stars.)

            Using everything I had been taught, a year ago I performed the prayers and rituals necessary for a successful exorcism including something which I have never heard of or read about in any manuals or books of rite.  Coffee.  Working with spirits whether in good times or bad drains us of our energy.  I have always found that if somebody is going to ask me to perform a spirit clearing or exorcism that a strong cup of joe afterwards is a necessity.  But I digress.

            Not too long after I had sent the Dark Lady (so named for her widow’s weeds and black clouds of venom) through the Tunnel and the demons back to hell, my young woman friend informed me that another spirit had shown up in the house.  It was the spirit of the young servant girl who had been the Dark Lady’s slave (although as an Irishwoman she was referred to as an indentured servant).  Unlike the bad behavior and nastiness of the Dark Lady, Marguerite was an absolute gem.  In spite of being a slave and severely maltreated during her short lifetime and even in spite of being held spiritual prisoner by the Dark Lady for a century and a half, Marguerite was an absolute joy to be around.  She was a joyful, bubbly young woman very much like the young women who work in that place.  I was truly saddened the day she asked me to help her return Home to Paradise.  I still miss her all these months later.

            As soon as my counselee informed me that the new spirit was harassing the women, being physically aggressive and ill-mannered, I immediately realized that it was the strange man who was sitting in the room when I had come in and was still there.  He was the husband of the Dark Lady.  Somehow he had slipped back to this side of eternity.  He was lost and confused.  Everything was wrong about his home.  His wife and son were not there.  The young working girls (servant girls, as he thought of them) dressed scandalously by mid-nineteenth century standards.  He had reverted to the same behavior he had exhibited as lord of the manor--which meant harassing the female help.

            Dealing with the man was much like dealing with Marguerite except that she knew where she was and wanted to go Home.  He was frightened and completely out of sorts.  He wanted the surety of Home.  Heaven is much more stable than earth.

            With the assistance of the angels and archangels, saints and the Mother of God, he went through the Tunnel of Light again as he had nearly one hundred twenty-five years earlier.  At the same time many other spirits in the neighborhood chose to leave or were pulled along into the Tunnel by the angels.  Angels can be powerfully persuasive in helping move The Plan forward.

            And so it was another day for Paradise.