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Kevin Lumley.
Jul 2012

Mark Janssen is the author of REACH FOR THE STARS.  This is his third book following two short books of poetry published privately.  This spiritual memoir tells the story of growing up seeing angels, saints and spirits, demons and God.  His on-going spiritual journey tells of his years as a monk, connections with various spiritual and religious figures, traditional Eastern and Western religions and spiritual philosophies,  alternative spiritualities and mysticism.  REACH FOR THE STARS discusses the wonders of communication with spirits.  Mark also makes a special effort to encourage the ability of children to see their special friends, fairies and angels.

Mark is married to a seventh generation Cherokee medicine man.  They are owned by Oliver and Bogart, the rumbling puppies.  He is also a financial analyst.


My grandmother and school teachers.

Upcoming Works

A follow up to my first book concentrating on psychic children.



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Mystical spirituality, theology, finance, politics, the Sunday NY TImes and other people's cooking.