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The Hikers in Iran

   I have trouble understanding how 3 seemingly bright young Americans were captured 'hiking' in Iraq. What in the hell were they thinking? Who goes 'hiking' in Iraq for godsakes? Didn't they realize there is a war going on? Aren't there thousands of beautiful places to 'hike' that aren't on the border of Iran? areas that are not a hotbed for anti-American sentiment? How about Yosemite ...or Yellowstone? How about the Canadian Rockies or Costa Rica? Mt. McKinley? Why choose an area where you are liable to cause an international incident?

   Why should taxpayers be on the hook for 1.5 million in ransom because these three idiots chose to 'vacation' in Iraq? If we pay it this time isn't that just encouraging the kidnapping of Americans around the world? When are people going to take responsibility for their actions?

   I know we can't just leave them there but at the very least shouldn't they have to pay back the money? We are in a national debt crisis!! People are starving and losing their homes. 1.5 million dollars would feed a lot of hungry babies, put shoes on a lot of kids going back to school, pay a lot of unemployment checks. 

   I guess hiking in Iraq, along the border of Iran, just seems very wreckless to me. Am I missing something? Were they on some kind of humanitarian mission? Are they Christian missionaries? Were they feeding the children? tending the sick and wounded?  Please enlighten me. Maybe they had a very good reason to pick that particular destination and I'm just not aware of it.

   I'm sure they will be rich and famous when they sell their story to Hollywood. It will surely be a media stampede when they return. The book deals are already in the making. I hope they are at least responsible enough to reimburse the taxpayers and in the future pick a more benign place to 'hike'.