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"Littluns: And the Book of Darkness" The "Mom's Choice Awards" Gold for 2009

Novel Review

What could possibly happen?

Every precaution is taken that nothing will happen on an annual outing of renewal.
In the very secret Hollow Hills, civic duty calls upon four Littluns to go out into the land of Terra Fermata and find new things to bring back. Being completely isolated from the rest of Terra Fermata, the Littlun way of life is innocent, and very happy.

Out they go… where an outing becomes a journey of survival against the most wretched characters you will ever meet, and the pinnacle of consummate evil, The Necromancer. So much so, the reader will want to be sure their door is locked and there are more lights on than just the reading lamp!

However, with darkness there must be light(ness) in good storytelling.

Elderond of the light, thank goodness, is brought into the story, which gives healing, and wisdom, with sprinkles of magic that gives the reader a wonderful respite. There are other most astounding characters of light to help console the reader along the way and, whew!, do we need them!

The story is complex but fast moving and easily understood along with many plot twists that I didn’t see coming! Also there is nothing here that parents should find offensive.

After finishing the book, several days later I was talking to a friend and mentioned that I saw this really great movie. He asked me what the name was and I said Littluns. I paused and thought - hey wait a minute that wasn’t a movie that was a book I read!

Hootsy Bootsy!!

Review by Jim Bratkowsky
Profession: DVD Producer