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If you love America and hate the terrorists, you have just gotta love the Youtube video of Mitt Romney greeting black folks in Florida. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H8Nq7BglIg&eurl=http://www.dailykos.com/ This tape is a couple of minutes long but is richly rewarding. First you get to see...
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When I was a little boy, my grandmother used to occasionally take me for her Saturday shopping forays down Commerce Street in Greenville, Alabama. Now and then she would duck into a dress shop, which was so incredibly boring to me that I would beg to be allowed to stay out on the sidewalk. Standing...
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I think we can have no doubt that the leader of the Free World was having a great time watching the sword dance with his main buds over there in Riyadh.  There's nothing like visiting the home of most of the 19 terrorists who slaughtered innocent Americans on 9/11 to bring out the jollity of our...
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Okay, it's my first public confession: I love "American Idol," even though I know it says in the Bible you're not supposed to have any idols except the Bible-approved idols. And we're not supposed to worship Mammon, who was a losing contestant in Season Three. But if I took every word...
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Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, see a whole bunch of Democrats cross over and vote for the Mittbot (TM) tonight to keep this Republican circular firing squad in place.
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*Snif!*  Hillary wins!
How can you separate race from who Obama is? Or gender from who Hillary is? Or, say, "pretty-haired frat boy" from who Edwards is? In each case the label is partly accurate, and partly reductionist. Obama is black, but not only black. Hillary is not just a woman. Edwards is more...
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A little while ago Sen. John Kerry announced his endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. "What you have to understand," said the failed 2004 candidate, "is that I was FOR John Edwards before I was AGAINST him."
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Can you Supersize that for me, please?
One part ham, one part wry, with a little too much cheese. On a low-fat bun, of course.
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Looking forward to 1/21/2009
I am happy to see you here. If you're happy to see me here, drop me a line through the site or at my home page. I'm happy to see Amy and some other good California friends on here ... now I need to get some of my East Coast scribbling friends to join up. It is so great to be alive and young, at...
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